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馃挵 401(k)
馃寧 Distributed team
鈴 Async
馃 Vision insurance
馃Ψ Dental insurance
馃殤 Medical insurance
馃彇 Unlimited vacation
馃彇 Paid time off
馃搯 4 day workweek
馃挵 401k matching
馃彅 Company retreats
馃彫 Coworking budget
馃摎 Learning budget
馃挭 Free gym membership
馃 Mental wellness budget
馃枼 Home office budget
馃ェ Pay in crypto
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馃嚫馃嚞 Singapore
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馃嚟馃嚢 Hong Kong
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馃嚫馃嚜 Sweden
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馃嚙馃嚙 Barbados
馃嚙馃嚲 Belarus
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馃嚙馃嚳 Belize
馃嚙馃嚡 Benin
馃嚙馃嚥 Bermuda
馃嚙馃嚬 Bhutan
馃嚙馃嚧 Bolivia
馃嚙馃嚘 Bosnia
馃嚙馃嚰 Botswana
馃嚙馃嚮 Bouvet Island
馃嚠馃嚧 British Indian Ocean Territory
馃嚙馃嚦 Brunei
馃嚙馃嚞 Bulgaria
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馃嚢馃嚥 Comoros
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馃嚚馃嚛 DR Congo
馃嚚馃嚢 Cook Islands
馃嚚馃嚪 Costa Rica
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馃嚚馃嚭 Cuba
馃嚚馃嚰 Cura莽ao
馃嚚馃嚲 Cyprus
馃嚛馃嚢 Denmark
馃嚛馃嚡 Djibouti
馃嚛馃嚥 Dominica
馃嚛馃嚧 Dominican Republic
馃嚜馃嚚 Ecuador
馃嚜馃嚞 Egypt
馃嚫馃嚮 El Salvador
馃嚞馃嚩 Equatorial Guinea
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馃嚜馃嚬 Ethiopia
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馃嚞馃嚲 Guyana
馃嚟馃嚬 Haiti
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馃嚟馃嚦 Honduras
馃嚟馃嚭 Hungary
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馃嚠馃嚪 Iran
馃嚠馃嚩 Iraq
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馃嚚馃嚠 Cote d'Ivoire
馃嚡馃嚥 Jamaica
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馃嚡馃嚧 Jordan
馃嚱馃嚢 Kosovo
馃嚱馃嚢 Kosovo
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馃嚢馃嚞 Kyrgyzstan
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馃嚤馃嚙 Lebanon
馃嚤馃嚫 Lesotho
馃嚤馃嚪 Liberia
馃嚤馃嚲 Libya
馃嚤馃嚠 Liechtenstein
馃嚤馃嚬 Lithuania
馃嚤馃嚭 Luxembourg
馃嚥馃嚧 Macau
馃嚥馃嚢 North Macedonia
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馃嚥馃嚰 Malawi
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馃嚥馃嚛 Moldova
馃嚥馃嚚 Monaco
馃嚥馃嚦 Mongolia
馃嚥馃嚜 Montenegro
馃嚥馃嚫 Montserrat
馃嚥馃嚘 Morocco
馃嚥馃嚳 Mozambique
馃嚥馃嚥 Myanmar
馃嚦馃嚘 Namibia
馃嚦馃嚪 Nauru
馃嚦馃嚨 Nepal
馃嚙馃嚩 Caribbean Netherlands
馃嚦馃嚚 New Caledonia
馃嚦馃嚠 Nicaragua
馃嚦馃嚜 Niger
馃嚦馃嚞 Nigeria
馃嚦馃嚭 Niue
馃嚦馃嚝 Norfolk Island
馃嚥馃嚨 Northern Mariana Islands
馃嚦馃嚧 Norway
馃嚧馃嚥 Oman
馃嚨馃嚫 Palestine
馃嚨馃嚢 Pakistan
馃嚨馃嚰 Palau
馃嚨馃嚘 Panama
馃嚨馃嚞 Papua New Guinea
馃嚨馃嚲 Paraguay
馃嚨馃嚜 Peru
馃嚨馃嚟 Philippines
馃嚨馃嚦 Pitcairn Island
馃嚨馃嚝 Polynesia
馃嚨馃嚪 Puerto Rico
馃嚩馃嚘 Qatar
馃嚪馃嚜 Reunion
馃嚪馃嚧 Romania
馃嚪馃嚰 Rwanda
馃嚫馃嚟 Saint Helena
馃嚢馃嚦 Saint Kitts and Nevis
馃嚤馃嚚 Saint Lucia
馃嚨馃嚥 Saint Pierre and Miquelon
馃嚮馃嚚 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
馃嚰馃嚫 Samoa
馃嚫馃嚥 San Marino
馃嚫馃嚬 Sao Tome and Principe
馃嚫馃嚘 Saudi Arabia
馃嚫馃嚦 Senegal
馃嚪馃嚫 Serbia
馃嚫馃嚚 Seychelles
馃嚫馃嚤 Sierra Leone
馃嚥馃嚝 Saint-Martin
馃嚫馃嚱 Sint Maarten
馃嚫馃嚢 Slovakia
馃嚫馃嚠 Slovenia
馃嚫馃嚙 Solomon Islands
馃嚫馃嚧 Somalia
馃嚳馃嚘 South Africa
馃嚞馃嚫 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
馃嚫馃嚫 South Sudan
馃嚤馃嚢 Sri Lanka
馃嚫馃嚛 Sudan
馃嚫馃嚪 Suriname
馃嚫馃嚡 Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
馃嚫馃嚳 Swaziland
馃嚚馃嚟 Switzerland
馃嚫馃嚲 Syria
馃嚬馃嚰 Taiwan
馃嚬馃嚡 Tajikistan
馃嚬馃嚳 Tanzania
馃嚬馃嚞 Togo
馃嚬馃嚢 Tokelau
馃嚬馃嚧 Tonga
馃嚬馃嚬 Trinidad and Tobago
馃嚬馃嚦 Tunisia
馃嚬馃嚪 Turkey
馃嚬馃嚥 Turkmenistan
馃嚬馃嚚 Turks and Caicos Islands
馃嚬馃嚮 Tuvalu
馃嚭馃嚞 Uganda
馃嚭馃嚲 Uruguay
馃彎 Hawaii
馃嚭馃嚥 USA Minor Outlying Islands
馃嚭馃嚳 Uzbekistan
馃嚮馃嚭 Vanuatu
馃嚮馃嚘 Vatican City
馃嚮馃嚜 Venezuela
馃嚮馃嚦 Vietnam
馃嚮馃嚞 British Virgin Islands
馃嚮馃嚠 United States Virgin Islands
馃嚰馃嚝 Wallis and Futuna Islands
馃嚜馃嚟 Western Sahara
馃嚲馃嚜 Yemen
馃嚳馃嚥 Zambia
馃嚳馃嚰 Zimbabwe
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馃嚥馃嚱 Mexico
馃挵 $60k - $110k*



React. JS















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鉁 65 applied (8%)

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Homebase is hiring a
Remote Full Stack Engineer Mexico

\nHi, Future Homie!\n\nAs a Homie, you'll be part of an unstoppable team that puts customers first, embraces each day with excitement, and strives for excellence in everything you do. We鈥檙e revolutionizing the way small businesses manage their teams and grow their business. What this means for you is a shared passion for innovation and making a difference for the people we serve.\n\nAt Homebase, we value not only your technical skills but also your passion, creativity, and drive to make a difference. We want you to feel at home, surrounded by like-minded individuals working together to achieve ambitious goals.\n\nSo what do you say, will you join us on our mission to empower small businesses?\n\nAs a Homie, you are a bar raiser, which means you come with:\n\n\n* 5+ years of Software Development experience \n\n* 3+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails and React.js preferred\n\n* English Language Proficiency\n\n* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering discipline or equivalent experience\n\n* Formidable HTML/CSS/JavaScript and MVC software framework experience.\n\n* Solid understanding of SQL and data modeling for scalability and performance.\n\n* Knowledge of Git, Github, and development using pull requests.\n\n* Experience working in an agile environment.\n\n* Able to compare various languages and frameworks objectively.\n\n\n\n\nAs a Software Developer, you will make an impact by:\n\nDesigning, building, and implementing incredible software solutions that enhance the value of the Homebase software platform to impact the lives of our customers. You will be a part of a passionate and dynamic community eager to take innovation to the next level.  \n\n\n* You鈥檒l drive product engineering end-to-end for the web to deliver value to our customers. \n\n* You will contribute to the evolution of our current engineering strategy and development process. \n\n* You will have the opportunity to impact our software architecture by evaluating emerging and existing technologies\n\n* You will work alone with little supervision and mentor junior software engineers\n\n\n\n\nWhat to Expect During the Interview Process:\n\n\nMeet the hiring manager Justin N \n\nLive Coding Interview \n\nSystem Design Interview \n\n* Meet the Talent Team with Ivana L \n\nProfessional Reference Checks\n\nBackground Check + Offer Stage\n\nWelcome to the team, Homie馃挏馃帀\n\n\n\n\nDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Homebase\n\nAt Homebase, we take pride in fostering a welcoming space where every Homie of every gender, age, orientation, culture and walk of life can be their full selves. Diverse perspectives empower us to build the best-in-class platform for small businesses and hourly shift workers. We recognize that experience comes in many forms, so if you think you鈥檙e close to what we鈥檙e looking for (even if you don鈥檛 meet 100% of the qualifications), we encourage you to apply!\n\nAbout Us\n\nWelcome to the exciting world of Homebase in Monterrey, Mexico! We are looking for passionate individuals like you to join our unstoppable team of developers. Can you imagine being one of the first members of this adventure?\n\nOur mission is to make hourly work easier for local businesses and hourly workers. Homebase currently serves more than 100,000 small (but mighty) businesses with everything they need to manage their hourly teams: employee scheduling, time clocks, payroll, team communication, hiring, onboarding, and compliance. Just don鈥檛 call us 鈥淗uman Capital Management.鈥 We have built tools for the busiest businesses, so owners and employees can spend less time on bullsh*t and more time on what matters. The Homebase team brings small business expertise from Intuit, Square, OpenTable, Yelp, Gusto, and First Data. Homebase is backed by leading venture investors Bain Capital Ventures, Baseline Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Plus Capital, and GGV Capital.\n\nConcerned about working in a fully remote company? Don't worry, we have big plans for you! Our goal is to create a hybrid team that will work together two days a week in the San Pedro area of Monterrey. Just imagine the opportunities to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, while collaborating with exceptional colleagues in an inspiring space.\n\nSo, if you're ready to join an exciting adventure and make an impact in the world of technology, now is the perfect time to become part of our team in Monterrey! Apply today and be a part of the future we are building together at Homebase!\n\n**Interview Recording Notice:\n\nBy participating in interviews with Homebase, you consent to the use of Metaview, a recording and transcription tool, during the interview process. Please be aware that all interviews may be recorded and transcribed for the purpose of evaluating candidates and ensuring the quality of our recruitment process. If you do not consent to being recorded, please inform the Talent Team at the beginning of the call, and appropriate arrangements will be made to accommodate your preference. Your privacy is important to us, and the recorded interviews will only be used for internal evaluation and assessment of candidates. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Design, Ruby and Engineer jobs that are similar:\n\n $60,000 — $110,000/year\n
\n\n#Benefits\n 馃挵 401(k)\n\n馃寧 Distributed team\n\n鈴 Async\n\n馃 Vision insurance\n\n馃Ψ Dental insurance\n\n馃殤 Medical insurance\n\n馃彇 Unlimited vacation\n\n馃彇 Paid time off\n\n馃搯 4 day workweek\n\n馃挵 401k matching\n\n馃彅 Company retreats\n\n馃彫 Coworking budget\n\n馃摎 Learning budget\n\n馃挭 Free gym membership\n\n馃 Mental wellness budget\n\n馃枼 Home office budget\n\n馃ェ Pay in crypto\n\n馃ジ Pseudonymous\n\n馃挵 Profit sharing\n\n馃挵 Equity compensation\n\n猬滐笍 No whiteboard interview\n\n馃憖 No monitoring system\n\n馃毇 No politics at work\n\n馃巺 We hire old (and young)\n\n
\n\n#Location\nMonterrey, Nuevo Le贸n, Mexico
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