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Median pay is $57,500/y

Neuron Global

๐Ÿ’ฐ $60k - $110k*






Neuron Global is hiring a
Remote Meteor Developer Needed

\nWill require samples of work along with a technical interview by our CTO.\n\nProject has a deadline but, if candidate demonstrates excellent skill and ability to hit deadline- there will be ongoing work there after.ย  \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Meteor, Angular and Developer jobs that are similar:\n\n $60,000 — $110,000/year\n

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Utrecht, The Netherlands
๐Ÿ’ฐ $60k - $90k*








Ape55 is hiring a
Remote Looking for

\nWe are looking to setup a team with 3 experienced Meteor programmers to develop a Meteor Phonegap application. The screens are already designed, so we can start directly. It will be a very nice looking slick application that includes some sort of communication between users. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Meteor, JavaScript and Video jobs that are similar:\n\n $60,000 — $90,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nUtrecht, The Netherlands

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Useful IO

The World.
๐Ÿ’ฐ $50k - $95k*








Useful IO is hiring a
Remote Become Excellent

\n* developing web applications with Meteor\n* developing mobile applications with Meteor\n* collaborating closely with clients\n* collaborating on internal projects and open-source software\n* using the latest CSS frameworks\n* using version control via\n* integrating other 3rd party libraries and building your own\n* you will learn how to implement meteor packages, and use the cutting edge ones like iron-router to organize your code and create very fast single page applications\n* you will learn project management and project management tools\n* designing data documents in mongodb\n\n\n\nYou must have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript already. Production development experience is a requirement.\n\nYour English must be good so that we can communicate easily. So, please also include a recording of yourself speaking in English of 30 second length or longer (this can be you talking about yourself or something you are interested in, it doesn't really matter - I just want to hear your level of spoken English). You can very easily (and for free) record a short clip of yourself speaking at (100% free, no setup or sign up required). Or you could also use a phone call you've completed for another client.\n\nYou also need to be detail oriented. You are always encouraged to ask questions when you need clarification, but I won't have time to explain something three times and I'll expect you to take notes and remember what we've already discussed. So, please include the following words at the top of your application: "I will be a great meteor developer!"\n\nWhat you don't know when you start, we will personally teach you.ย I've been writing software professionally for 14 years. I've ran a profitable company for 4 years writing software for very successful companies in Silicon Valley. I've given talks at Meteor's Headquarters in San Francisco. I've taught and teach people who had no technical experience how to develop applications in meteor, but I expect you to be a good learner.ย We're looking for people I can teach all these skills to and work together with. This person will work with and report directly to me.You'll need to be available online some time overlapping with my regular working hours which is M-Th Pacific time (San Francisco, CA).\n\nIf you have worked on long-term, production (not prototype or school) projects please mention this in your response. If you have worked on Meteor projects in the past, please mention this in your response.\n\nAll of that sound awesome to you? Apply and I look forward to meeting you! \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Meteor, JavaScript and CSS jobs that are similar:\n\n $50,000 — $95,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nThe World.

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or email to [email protected]

San Francisco
๐Ÿ’ฐ $50k - $95k*







angular is hiring a
Remote Meteorjs Developer for Streaming App

\n\nWe do continuous integration based on the Github Flow ( Youโ€™ll merge your HTML+CSS+Javascript into our master build by pushing to github, which will kick off the tests on the CI, and if they pass then your push goes straight to production. So you will be expected to write and pass unit and integration tests using Karma, Mocha and Sauce Labs. You donโ€™t have to invent this test code from scratch, just clone existing test code and adapt it to this purpose. \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Meteor, JavaScript and HTML jobs that are similar:\n\n $50,000 — $95,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nSan Francisco

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