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Median pay is $80,000/y

Fella Health (YC W20/S21)

 This job is getting a high amount of applications right now (15% of viewers clicked Apply)

Worldwide (US Hours)
💰 $50k - $130k

phones sales


b2c sales



Fella Health (YC W20/S21)

Fella Health (YC W20/S21)

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✅ 383 applied (15%)

Fella Health (YC W20/S21) is hiring a
Remote Founding Sales Rep

**[Fella Health]( is the telehealth clinic for men with obesity, backed by Y Combinator.**\nWith Fella, patients meet a board-certified obesity doctor to prescribe FDA-approved medications, while they undertake personalized health coaching through our app.\n\nObesity is the largest chronic disease in the US (>$100bn spent each year) and the traditional solution ("move more, eat less") only works long-term for ~10% of people. But obesity treatment is radically changing due to a new wave of medication options which are 2-3x more effective than previous options. In addition, only 10% of those using weight management services are men: all programs market to women, not tackling the stigma men feel around this.\n\nFella's founders are [Luke]( & [Richie]( We studied together at Cambridge University.\n\n- Luke studied pre-med and developed a patented AI approach to detecting cancer at a YC bio company, before moving to Microsoft Research. He also has a masters in Computer Science.\n- Richie was a data scientist, building and selling an AI company working with the UK government. He personally struggled with binge eating for 6 years, and built a 10k-follower Instagram community around men’s binge eating.\n\nYou can read more about the mission, the rest of the team, and working at Fella here:\n[](\n\nFella Health is live in Texas, and we recently closed a Seed round to expand nationwide. We're backed by top health/consumer investors:\n\n- Y Combinator\n- BrandProject (venture-builder behind 2 unicorns)\n- Global Founders Capital — backed Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Revolut, Rocket Internet\n- The founders of Indeed, Curative (unicorn), Alan (unicorn), Kaia Health (>$300mil valuation), Vouch Insurance (>$500mil valuation)\n\n## The opportunity as Founding Sales Rep\n\nFella Health is building a world-class team. As the Founding Sales Rep at Fella, you’re an important part of the broader founding team. You’ll work closely with our Head of Growth to help increase conversion for our marketing funnel. You’ll own your own infrastructure & pipeline, run a process for doing outbound calls to warm prospects, and transfer your learnings to the rest of the team to improve our general strategy. You’ll play a key role in developing the playbook so the sales team can expand around you. \n\nThis role is fully remote (US hours), is full-time (FTE), and has flexible working hours.\n\nYou'll work closely with the founders, and report directly to Fella's Head of Growth [Dave Lane](\n\n## Key responsibilities\n\n- *Build your infrastructure*: You’ll work closely with our Head of Growth & Founding Engineer to build out an optimized tech stack for your work. You’ll know what you want to start (CRM, dialer, SMS & email automation, etc), be comfortable setting this up with guidance from engineering, then constantly iterate to improve your efficiency over time.\n- *Outbound calls to inbound leads*: You’ll own the process of reaching out to potential fellas (Fella customers) who have dropped off in our funnel. With our Head of Growth, you’ll decide which experiments to run (e.g. whether to call drop-offs immediately, whether to use FB lead ads) and how best to prioritize leads. You’ll own both ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ the fella, building trust on a delicate healthcare subject.\n- *Handle inbound*: You’ll own all inbound from potential fellas. You’ll be comfortable closing fellas who have booked calls from our email sequences, and you’ll stay on top of all inbound messages from fellas: replies to our email/SMS sequences, replies to our FB ads, pre-conversion messages on our website.\n- *Nurture your pipeline*: You’ll own your sales pipeline. You’ll follow-up diligently after calls, loop round on SMS to fellas who haven’t yet closed, and handle customer objections gracefully. You’ll tightly prioritize across your pipeline.\n- *Create the playbook*: You’ll furiously iterate the sales process, then build out the playbook so we can build out the team. You’ll routinely analyze call recordings to determine what is going well and what you can improve. You’ll review prioritization of leads, iterate your sales scripts, and reconsider value props. Once you’re happy with the process, you’ll ensure this playbook is ready for building out the team around you.\n- *Transfer your learnings*: You’ll be spending lots of time with potential fellas, so you’ll have great customer insights you’ll transfer to our Head of Growth & founders. You’ll have strong thoughts on funnel improvements to improve conversion, potential changes to customer segments & value props, and product recommendations to match fellas’ desires.\n\n## Need to have\n\n- You can work hours in a US timezone to reach fellas at good times for them. That may be before 9am, or after 6pm.\n\nOperating skills\n - *Experience*: you have 2+ years working in phone sales.\n - *Metrics*: you’re obsessed with your numbers (open rates, close rates, customer numbers). You hate fluff and focus on things which work.\n - *Infrastructure*: you are comfortable architecting & improving your own phone sales tech stack, directing engineering work where needed. You want to automate your repetitive work.\n - *Pipeline*: you’re organized so you can stay on top of a complex pipeline of interested fellas.\n - *Empathy*: you care about the fellas’ struggles and want to help them. You’ll ask good questions, listen carefully and build trust.\n - *Resilience*: sales isn’t easy. You have grit to close a difficult fella, and energy to improve the process if it isn’t working.\n - *Theory*: you’re well versed in sales theory. You’re comfortable transitioning between different techniques based on the customer type & objection.\n - *Closing*: you know when and how to turn a potential fella into a paying fella, moving quickly but carefully. You’ll know when to prioritize a lead and when to let them go.\n - *Language*: you speak English fluently.\n\nCultural skills\n - *End-to-end ownership* — you are comfortable owning projects from noticing the problem to delivering the outcome.\n - *Commitment to candor* — we believe in open communication and transparency. You are a clear & caring communicator, welcoming feedback.\n - *Belief in the mission* — we will help 1 million fellas by 2026. We have a lot of work to do, and you are dedicated to the mission.\n - *Do what is needed* — speed is critical, things change suddenly, and often the solutions we need are messy. You are comfortable moving quickly and taking on gritty work.\n - *Dedication to excellence* — you are obsessed with your role, with a commitment to compounding self-improvement.\n\n## Nice to have\n\nOperating skills\n - *Experience*: ideally you have high-ticket B2C phone sales experience, maybe in a health-related vertical. Ideally you’ve experienced the whole process, from top of funnel to closing.\n - *No-code*: you are comfortable handling no-code tools like G Sheets, Airtable, Zapier.\n - *Copywriting*: you’re a sharp copywriter to produce your own effective email & SMS material.\n - *Marketing*: you have enough knowledge and interest in D2C digital marketing to contribute improvements across the whole marketing funnel.\n - *Managing*: ideally you have experience hiring, training, and managing a team — and want this experience again in the coming years.\n\nCultural skills\n - *Positive-sum thinking* — you think in terms of collaboration not competition.\n - *Managing yourself* — you own your schedule, your habits, your happiness, your life. Your team-members help you flourish, but the eventual responsibility lies with you.\n - *Seeing systems* — you recognize the system which produces the outcome, and focus on improving the system to fix the true cause of an issue.\n\n## Benefits\n\n- *Compensation*: great salary + early-stage equity\n- Vacation: unlimited PTO with a yearly minimum\n- *Pension*: 401(k) contributions\n- *Healthcare*: high-quality medical insurance\n- *Family*: paid parental leave\n- *Personal development*: budget for books, courses, coaching\n- *Personal wellness*: budget for gym, health apps\n- *Team*: regular off-sites\n- **What are we missing?** We're still early so you get to shape our culture. \n\nBe sure to mention the word **GRACEFUL** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n $50,000 — $130,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nWorldwide (US Hours)

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# How do you apply?\n\nPlease click the button below :)\n\nIf you have any questions, feel free to email me (Richie, co-founder) on: *richie @*\n\nWe're running a high-velocity process and believe in open communication — so you'll hear from us quickly.
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