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Gmt +/- 3
๐Ÿ’ฐ $60k - $120k

node js







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Limbic is hiring a
Remote Senior Backend Engineer

We're looking for a Back-end Engineer to join our team.\n\nLimbic is on a mission to model human psychology. In doing so, we're solving the biggest problems in psychological therapy today. Combining artificial intelligence with beautiful digital product design, we're making it easier than ever for patients to provide their clinicians with high quality data.\nWe're growing quickly and we're backed by Europe's leading start-up accelerator, Entrepreneur First, and Google. We've also received investment from VC, Angels, the European Commission, and Innovate UK.\nIt's challenging. We're ambitious. And we're supporting one another to achieve our best and make real impact in the world.\n\nAt a high level, you'll be focused on the following:\n* Contribute to our back-end repositories for patient and therapist apps\n* Quickly build, test and ship new (well tested) features\n* Build & integrate our GraphQL API endpoints\n* Building integrations with patient management systems\n\nBonus if you've got experience developing React and/or React Native applications and have a strong foothold in an engineering community.\n\nWe are looking for anyone who fits most of the following qualifications and tech stack experience:\n\n* 4+ years of experience developing Node.js applications\n* Advanced level of JavaScript (TS experience is a must)\n* MongoDB and PostgreSQL\n* Comfortable setting up & implementing AWS services\n* Experience building and shipping production-ready code\n\nYou should apply if:\n* You're excited by the opportunity to solve the biggest problem in (mental) healthcare today\n* You want to join a company you can grow with\n* You can move fast and get stuff done\n* You enjoy building elegant solutions to complicated problems\n* You enjoy getting your hands dirty with complicated data structures\n* You are passionate about beautifully built products and want a place to perfect your craft \n\nBe sure to mention the word **FEARLESS** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n $60,000 — $120,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nGmt +/- 3

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# How do you apply?\n\nHead over to When applying, be sure to highlight what value you brought to your previous role, and why you are excited to work for Limbic.
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๐ŸŒ Worldwide
๐Ÿ’ฐ $50k - $70k

design system







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Leadjet is hiring a
Remote Frontend Engineer

### ๐Ÿš€ Leadjet\n\n\n\nLeadjet was launched a little over a year ago by 2 co-founders from X-HEC (David, CEO & Romain, CTO). \n\nAs we received a lot of positive feedback and were able to market the product effectively, Leadjet got sufficient growth and traction to be able to advance **without having to raise funds**.\n\nSince its product launch (Q3 2020), Leadjet serves **over 600** companies as clients (i.a. OpenClassrooms, Ubble, Batch, ShipUp, or Comet) and partners with major CRM companies such as **Salesforce** and **HubSpot**.\n\nThe team is currently composed of 10 people from various backgrounds. These are the flags of all the nationalities represented in the team!\n\n๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ\n\nThe tech team is currently composed by 3 people (1 front-end / 2 backend) and all code pushed to production is reviewed and approved by our CTO.\n\n**We are planning to recruit a lot in the year 2022 so you will have the occasion to join an initially small team and see it grow with the product and the company!**\n\n### ๐Ÿ— The product\n\nLeadjet lets sales professionals live in the apps they use daily (first and foremost **LinkedIn**), while it automatically captures all their relationship activity and stores it in their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.\n\nConcretely, it takes the form of a **browser extension** modifying the LinkedIn interface by adding extra features (synchronization of contacts and associated custom fields, synchronization of conversations, export of contact lists & more). We are currently supporting Chrome, Firefox & Edge, Safari is still a bit too capricious for us.\n\nYou can try it [there]( Make sure to create a CRM account first ([Hubspot]( is free)!\n\nWe aim for **product-led growth**, user experience and product stability are therefore very important.\n\nExciting things are to come as we are on our way to build our second product ๐Ÿคซ\n\n### ๐ŸŽง Environment\n\nWe are aware that efficient software developers **need a lot of focus** and should be able to advance on dedicated tasks without constant interruptions. **We are committed to creating a work environment where people producing code are able to do it under the best possible conditions.**\n\nFocusing since the beginning on product stability, we are able to move forward very effectively as we add even more functionalities.\n\nFor every feature, **we take the necessary development time** so that once it is completed, we don't have to get back to it anymore, or only for small optimizations. We are currently achieving this and our goal is to keep this up while growing the team!\n\nSo **we don't count PRs**, **we don't track time**, our approach is evaluating the global impact after several weeks having worked together.\n\nWorking with us you will have the opportunity to get involved with the projects you feel more comfortable on and participate in building them as a team!\n\n### ๐Ÿ’ป The job\n\nWe are looking for a **front-end / fullstack software engineer** to grow the dev team as we strive to add new functionnalities and improve stability even more as our userbase is constantly expanding.\n\nHere are example of features you will be working on:\n- Implementation of a rich text editor from scratch (improvement from our *Notes* feature)\n- Implementation of a **@mention** feature from scratch\n- Implementation of a design system working closely with the design team\n- Developping / improving **standalone components** integrated in LinkedIn (notifications, panels, tooltips, ...)\n- Participating in the development of an entirely new product working closely with the marketing and product teams\n\nHere are some key-points in which the ideal candidate should identity with :\n* You have an MsC in Software engineering of equivalent\n* Ideally **5 years of coding experience**\n* You are able to implement new features from simple and clear specifications while making sure to keep the logic of the current code\n* You have a **very good knowledge of JavaScript** and its subtleties, especially everything related to asynchronous calls and the event loop\n* You are able to follow code architecture guidelines and propose ways to improve it\n* You have an acute sensibility for **UX** and improving it motivates you\n* You can dive into the back-end (Go) codebase, understand it and implementing small changes if needed\n* You are **nice** and you want to work with **nice people** ๐Ÿ˜Œ\n\nโœจ **Bonus**\n\n* You want to solve **business-oriented issues** with code and see the direct impact of your implementations on business, sales and user experience\n* You have experience with developing **browser extensions**\n* You have experience with implementing and/or working with **design systems**\n\nHere are the technologies we are currently working with:\n\n* **Typescript** / **Sass** on the extension side\n* Nunjucks for templating, Webpack for bundling\n* Go / MongoDB / Redis on the server-side\n\n### ๐Ÿ’ธ Salary\n\nRemuneration according to profile. We are an early-stage startup but still commit to pay our contractors and employees appropriately. If you're a good fit there is no doubt we will be able to agree on this topic. \n\n**Equity shares are open for the first 10 employees of which you would be a part of.**\n\n### ๐Ÿงพ Logistics\n\n* **Full-remote** / Half remote possible\n* Part-time possible\n* In terms of contract what would suit us best at first would be freelancing but we are open to other possibilities\n\n### ๐Ÿ’ผ Recruitment process\n\nSince we are a small team, our process is pretty straighforward :\n\n* **Informal exchange** with Romain (Co-Founder & CTO) and Pierre (Lead front-end developer) for 20 minutes. A simple coding exercice will be given for you to complete at home (completion time: ~ 1 hour)\n* **Technical interview** with Romain and Pierre (40 minutes) where we will debrief on the test and have a discussion about our philosophy and technical issues we face.\n\nWe would be delighted if you contacted us directly by mail ๐Ÿ˜Š \n\nBe sure to mention the word **CHERISHED** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n $50,000 — $70,000/year\n \n\n#Location\n๐ŸŒ Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\nGet in touch with us!\n\n* Pierre (Front-end lead): **[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]?subject=Hi!๐Ÿ˜„)**\n* Romain (CTO): **[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]?subject=Hi!๐Ÿ˜„)**\n\nCurious but not currently available?\nWe're not in a rush and planning for the long term. **We will take the time needed to find a good fit for our team.**\n\nWe strongly incite you to contact us even for just discussing the project informally!\n\nCheers!
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United States, Canada
๐Ÿ’ฐ $120k - $160k





knowledge graph



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โœ… 546 applied (32%)

Stardog is hiring a
Remote Senior Software Engineer Team Lead Front End

Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform, turns data into knowledge to power more effective digital transformations. Industry leaders including Bosch, eBay, NASA, and Raytheon use Stardog to create a flexible data layer that can support countless applications. One of _Fast Company's_ prestigious [Most Innovative Companies](, Stardog is a fast-growing venture-backed company headquartered in Arlington, VA with a globally distributed team.\n\nThe "Suite" of Stardog front end tools serves as the face of our Platform and is comprised of Stardog Studio and Stardog Explorer. Studio provides an IDE-like experience for developers to execute and debug queries and manage Stardog itself while Explorer provides non-technical users a way to search, browse, and explore their Knowledge Graph. Next up is a new tool that will let architects and other subject matter experts visually design and build their Knowledge Graph from the ground up.\n\nWe're looking for a talented individual to be a new team lead, working closely with the VP Engineering, Product Manager, and the rest of the development team, to help us achieve our vision.\n\nAs a Team Lead, you will be responsible for coordinating the team, conducting 1:1's, managing sprints, mentoring your teammates, conducting performance reviews, etc. But, this is a player/coach role, so you will spend time designing and building new features as well. You should expect to spend a lot of time engineering, maybe even the majority, but the responsibilities of being the lead means you will be in meetings, you will deal with HR, there may even be paperwork. You can expect to spend between 10 and 40% of your time on those responsibilities. Therefore, we expect to see leadership experience on your resume.\n\nOur stack is written with Typescript using React, so we're expecting you to be familiar with those technologies. Bonus points if you're familiar with Node.js, Redux, Cypress, and Webpack. Even more of a bonus if you know Sass, or just have some background in UX and design and are familiar with tools like Figma or Sketch.\n\nNo degree? No problem. Having a piece of paper with some fancy words on it like "Computer Science" is great, but not a requirement. You can be an engineer without an engineering degree. What we're looking for is an experienced engineer, who has guided a team before, to come in, work hard, and be passionate about solving our user's problems. We are looking for real engineering work as well as demonstrable experience and skills in a leadership capacity.\n\nWe are a remote-first company. You should be comfortable with, and have experience working remotely. You must have strong communication skills as much of our interactions will be over email, chat, and PR where it's harder to get your point across. Most of the team is in the EST (UTC-5) time zone, so the closer the time zone alignment, the better.\n\nWe will expect to see code! Don't be shy about sharing your work. You can even [check out]( some of [ours](\n\nAnd if you want to see what you'll be working on, check out [Explorer]( If you want to learn about the kinds of scale challenges we're building for, read about our [Trillion Edge graph]( And If you are curious about what it's like to work here, check out a [post]( from our CTO and co-founder that talks about our culture, or read the engineering team's [blog]( \n\nLastly, you'll get great benefits, a yearly continuing education stipend, flexible PTO options, and the ability to work whenever and wherever you prefer.\n\n_Stardog is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Individuals seeking employment at Stardog are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. _ \n\nBe sure to mention the word **DESIRING** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n $120,000 — $160,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nUnited States, Canada

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๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ US
๐Ÿ’ฐ $120k - $180k








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Shortwave is hiring a
Remote Software Engineer Fullstack

## About Shortwave\n\nWe are a venture-backed startup founded in January 2020 that is building the future of digital communications\non top of the world's most ubiquitous messaging platform โ€” email. We're on a\n[mission]( to ensure that\neveryone has access to high quality, decentralized, and secure messaging.\n\nWe have an experienced team distributed across the US, with almost half of our team located\nin California. Our CEO Andrew formerly cofounded [Firebase]( (later acquired by Google), and much of our early team met\nAndrew while working there building the infrastructure behind millions of today's mobile and web apps.\n\nOur first product is a brand new inbox experience for Gmail that keeps your inbox organized by default.\nWe believe that email should prioritize people, not advertising, getting through your inbox shouldn't\nrequire busywork, and sending an email should be as fast as typing a text message. Our product is currently in pre-launch\ntesting with a select group of alpha users.\n\nWe're well-funded by top-tier investors including Union Square Ventures & Lightspeed Venture Partners.\n\n## About the role\n\nIn this role, you'll help us build and ship new features and improve the quality of our\napplication by contributing across our entire stack.\n\n### You will:\n\n- Work closely with other engineers to design and implement new features\n- Write _and ship_ a lot of code quickly โ€” we deploy multiple times per day and value rapid iteration with users\n- Contribute to both the backend and frontend of our application, both for web and for mobile\n- Help ensure our service is secure and reliable with tests, monitoring, and by going on-call\n- Wear whatever hats needed to make the business succeed โ€” we're a small team\n\n## About you\n\nWe're looking for a smart, generalist developer with strong CS fundamentals who's able\nto learn and adapt quickly to solve problems wherever they are in our code.\n\n- Bachelors degree in CS or equivalent demonstrated ability\n- Strong CS fundamentals\n- Fluent in common data structures & algorithms\n- Experience working across the stack on a mobile or web application\n- Good technical communications skills, both verbal and written\n- A willingness to work hard as part of a team and learn new things quickly\n\n#### Bonus points\n\n- Experience building APIs for a high reliability service\n- Experience with PostgreSQL, and Kubernetes\n- Experience with React, React Native, TypeScript, Kotlin, or Swift\n\n## What we offer\n\nWe're looking to hire the best and brightest and are trying hard to provide the best work environment around.\n\n- Competitive compensation, including generous equity grants\n- Medical and dental benefits\n- Flexible work hours and vacation\n- Remote-first team โ€” you can work from anywhere\n- Regular (every ~2 months) offsites where we get the whole team together, often in fun locations like Hawaii ๐Ÿ\n- A mission-focused team with fun coworkers (ok, we're biased... but we really are nice people!)\n \n\nBe sure to mention the words **GOVERN REPAIR RAPID** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n $120,000 — $180,000/year\n \n\n#Location\n๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ US

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# How do you apply?\n\nPlease email us at [email protected]\n\nIn your email, help us understand what makes you unique and extraordinary, and why you're\nexcited about Shortwave. Also include a resume or a link to your LinkedIn, as well as links to anything you've\nbuilt online that you'd like to share with us (GitHub, Dribbble, personal website, etc.).\n\nWe're looking for team members who have passion, grit, and integrity. Even if your experience doesn't\nprecisely match the criteria above, please consider applying.\n
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Honu AI

๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ EU
๐Ÿ’ฐ $50k - $150k





e commerce



Honu AI

Honu AI

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Honu AI is also hiring a:

Honu AI is hiring a
Remote Software Engineer

## About Us\n\nWe are [](, a venture backed startup, building the next generation platform to give small business owners superhuman decision making capabilities. We are currently in stealth mode and are backed by Europeโ€™s top investors who are early backers of (TransferWise, Tide, Coinbase, CityMapper, Cazoo, Nested, Habito, Cleo, King, Snyk, etc.). We are a remote-first company, based out of London. The technology we are building is novel and we will be pushing the boundaries of what has been done in this space. \n\n## The Role\n\nWe are looking for a strong, product focused, growth mindset software engineer to join our core-team. If you are excited to join a VC-backed startup early on in the journey, and your profile matches what we are looking for, please do get in touch. Here is a non-exhaustive description of the tasks and responsibilities for this role:\n\n- You will be working in small team, including the founder, to build the first MVP of the product.\n- You will collaborate with the team to define the strategy and vision for how we will build effectively and be successful.\n- Work with engineers across the company to build delightful features that span various parts of the system.\n- Ensure our platforms are reliable, scalable, secure and extensible.\n- Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes.\n\n## Ideal Candidate\n\n- Experience shipping high-quality products from start to finish. Ideally, experience at top tier SaaS startups/companies.\n- Experience building Fintech products. e-Commerce and experience with small businesses is a huge plus!\n- Must have 2+ years professional experience in Golang.\n- Rust, Kotlin or Java, nice to have.\n- Product focused.\n- Experience with modern cloud tooling\n- Nice to have technical experience in:\n - Python, React, Typescript\n - Data engineering\n - Linux administration\n - API integrations\n - Experience with distributed systems\n- Must have soft skills:\n - Intellectual Humility\n - Growth Mindset\n - Attention to detail\n - Team Player\n - Good communicator\n- Ways of working:\n - You will believe in clean coding, simple solutions, automated testing and continuous deployment.\n - comfortable with Remote/Async ways of working.\n- Be a self-starter who is very comfortable building from scratch.\n\n## Company Values\n\n* Excellence: We constantly strive for excellence in what we do. We go above and beyond the call of duty.\n* Get Things Done: We acknowledge obstacles but orient towards solutions. We have a getting things done attitude, with laser focus on efficiency, as a team and individuals.\n* Open Communication: We communicate openly and respectfully about our opinions. Our conversations are constructive and all voices will be heard. However, when decisions are made, everyone commits to them.\n* Team Player: We are there for each other. As individuals we are reliable, responsible, collaborative and supportive. We respect each otherโ€™s time, we are punctual. We have got each others backs, and accept everyoneโ€™s authentic self.\n* High Integrity: We are honest with each other and with our partners, clients and collaborators.\n\n \n\nBe sure to mention the words **ELEVATOR LATER POTATO** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n $50,000 — $150,000/year\n \n\n#Location\n๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ EU

See more jobs at Honu AI

# How do you apply?\n\nEmail your CV, and any relevant links to **[email protected]** , and you will hear from us within 2 days if you pass the CV screening stage. We then follow a simple interview process: \n1. Introductory phone call with Founder ( 30 mins )\n2. CV / Experience review - panel (1 hour)\n3. Systems Design interview - panel (1.5 hour)\n\n
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๐ŸŒ Worldwide
๐Ÿ’ฐ $70k - $130k








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Rolla is hiring a
Remote Senior React Engineer โ€ข DeFi

[Rolla]( is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Options trading platform built on Polygon. With Rolla, you'll be able to trade crypto options for free, instantly, in a permissionless and easy to use web and mobile app. We are blurring the line between DeFi and regular finance, starting with permissionless option trading.\n\nOur team is a tenacious, fun and optimistic group spread out across the world working towards a decentralized financial future. Youโ€™ll be joining a highly technical team that values shipping beautiful, usable products to give people real control over their financial future.\n\nWeโ€™re also backed by the top investors and market makers in the cryptocurrency space that believe in our vision. At Rolla, youโ€™ll have access to industry leaders, developers, exchanges and traders to collaborate and engage with as you pioneer the next frontier of DeFi.\n\n**Responsibilities**\n* Optimize a fast, simple and enjoyable experience across the Rolla web and mobile platforms\n* Work together with designers and backend engineers to implement new features and integrations\n\n**Requirements**\n* At least 3 years of React experience\n* Prior experience working with component libraries or design teams in user-facing applications\n* A deep understanding of the architecture of modern client-side React applications\n\n**Even better if you**\n* Familiarity with the web3 frontend stack\n* Experience with TypeScript in React\n* Are a DeFi power user\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n $70,000 — $130,000/year\n \n\n#Location\n๐ŸŒ Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\nApply through link
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๐ŸŽˆ verified
๐ŸŒ Worldwide
๐Ÿ’ฐ $60k - $100k*





open source



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๐Ÿ”Ž12,325 views

โœ… 3,708 applied (30%)

Iterative is also hiring a:

Iterative is hiring a
Remote Senior Frontend Engineer

Please follow this link to read about the job and apply:\n\n[](\n\nWeโ€™re seeking a TypeScript front-end engineer to build SaaS and a VS Code UI for our popular machine learning tools: DVC (7000+ โญon GitHub) and CML (2000+ โญ on GitHub).\n\n**No prior knowledge of ML or Data Science is required.**\n\nThe ML tools ecosystem is what JS space was 10 years ago: thereโ€™s a clear need for better tools, frameworks, and open standards. ITERATIVE is already a well known company in this fast-evolving space with a big, engaged open-source community. Please consider joining our remote-first team if you love open-source, if youโ€™re interested in building dev tools and simplifying the lives of many, many developers in ML.\n\n*The project* - Weโ€™re making a UI for DVC and CML. Think GitHub and/or popular Git extensions for VS Code - like GitLens. VS Code UI will be open sourced and will become part of your public profile! If you have experience with dev tools like GitHub, UI plugins for Git, etc., you should already have some sense what the project is like.\n*The tech* - Our stack includes TypeScript, Node, React, and Python.\n*The compensation* - Highly competitive salary, stock options, and bonuses.\n\n**Read more about us, and about the position here please:**\n\n[]( \n\nBe sure to mention the words **DISTANCE ALBUM HUMBLE** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to React, Node and Open Source jobs that are similar:\n\n $60,000 — $100,000/year\n \n\n#Location\n๐ŸŒ Worldwide

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# How do you apply?\n\nPlease, read this document:\n[](
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