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💰 100K/y
Verified @onur

My name is Onur, I'm a Software Engineer from Germany. I travel to work from anywhere to enjoy the experience abroad and only own what fits...

Seen 1 month ago

💰 150K/y
Verified @cambardell

Seen 2 months ago

💰 115K/y
Verified @xavierlowmiller

6+ years of experience in iOS in the banking and finance industry. Loves code quality, testing, performance, fast builds, effective teams, ....

Seen 2 months ago

💰 85K/y
Verified @kaioelfke

Since 2010 I make iOS apps with Objective-C and Swift. The most interesting app I worked on is HeliEFB and flies in helicopters around the w...

Seen 2 months ago

Verified @4bh1nav

I've over one million downloads on google play. My Bluenote Android app was featured by Android Central and All About Android Podcast https...

Seen 3 months ago

💰 80K/y
Verified @warrenburton

I'm a talented and creative iOS and macOS developer with skills in development and QA. I can work with all backend API types or equally on...

Seen 3 months ago

💰 30K/y
Verified @jiehan

🎨Hi, I'm Jiehan, an artist who codes. 📱Experienced in mobile development. ⚔️Weapons of choice: Swift, React Native, and Flutter....

Seen 7 months ago

💰 80K/y
Verified @maail

iOS Developer since 2012. Experience with Objective-C, Swift and SwiftUI. I design apps as well. My latest side project https://dailyjo...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 140K/y
Verified @garyj

Australian based designer with 18+ years of experience in the design industry. I design apps, websites, icons, 2D + 3D illustrations, 2D mot...

Seen 1 year ago

Verified @matthewspear

At the intersection of iOS, AR, ML looking towards mobile Spatial AI. Digital Nomad currently on lockdown. WWDC Scholarship 16,17,19. Previo...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 72K/y
Verified @daneavanderbilt

Hi there! I'm a software developer and designer who loves solving problems. Whether the solution is a website, mobile app, or other custom s...

❌ Not available now

Seen 1 year ago


Seen 3 months ago

💰 60K/y

Programmer, Developer and Full Stack Swift Developer, Technology Enthusiast and an Engineer.

Seen 4 months ago

💰 60K/y

Hello, I'm a french fullstack developer on web app and mobile app. I'm also interested in native iOS app using SwiftUI. I have an +5 year...

Seen 8 months ago


Seen 9 months ago

💰 75K/y

Daily development using VueJS, Nuxt, Laravel 5/6/7/8, Swift 5.*, Development of native iOS Applications using Swift and UIKit or Swi...

Seen 10 months ago

💰 60K/y

5 years experienced mobile software engineer who have worked on highly scaled iOS apps, building with newest apple technology and using best...

Seen 11 months ago

💰 50K/y

I am a self-motivated iOS Developer looking for a challenging position where my technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills can...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 30K/y

Mobile app developer specialising in iOS and Flutter app development. | linktr.ee/parthmangi/ | Experienced in deisgning,developing and unit...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 30K/y

I am Divyanshu and I make interactive things on screens (aka Software), 60% I do this to pay the bills and rest 40% for my own amusement. I...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 60K/y

Seen 1 year ago

💰 80K/y

❌ Not available now

Seen 2 months ago

💰 70K/y

iOS Developer with 4.5 + years of experience with worked on more than 35 ios projects.

❌ Not available now

Seen 1 year ago

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