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Median pay is $105,000/y


💰 $70k - $110k*






UniMeteor is hiring a
Remote Meteor Population with Scraped Content

\nFor the first stage, we focus on the following sources, filters and tags.\nSOURCES\nJob boards:\n*\n* Linkedin jobs\n* Glassdoor jobs\n* Angellist\n* Dribble\n* Behance\n* Github\n* Stackoverflow\n*\n\n\nCorporate websites:\n* Uber jobs\n* Airbnb jobs\n* Snapchat jobs\n* Palantir jobs\n* SpaceX jobs\n* Pinterest jobs\n* Dropbox jobs\n* Wework jobs\n* Theranos jobs\n* Spotify jobs\n* Square jobs\n\n\n\nFILTERS\nOnly post when there a match of BOTH: a title AND a company name.\nTitles to filter (ignore everything else):\n* “cmo"\n* “marketing"\n* “social media"\n* “brand"\n* “acquisition"\n* “retention"\n* “blogger"\n* “media manager"\n* “internal communications"\n* “business development"\n* “partnership"\n* “corporate development"\n* “corporate strategy"\n* “business strategy"\n* “customer support"\n* “customer experience"\n* “customer success"\n* “product manager"\n* “COO"\n* “operations"\n* “recruiter"\n* “talent"\n* “sourcer"\n* “legal"\n* “paralegal"\n* “counsel"\n* “finance"\n* “treasury"\n* “accounting"\n* “accountant"\n* “tax"\n* “FP&A"\n* “financial analyst"\n* “cfo"\n\n\nCompany names to filter:\n* Uber \n* Airbnb\n* Snapchat\n* Palantir\n* SpaceX\n* Pinterest\n* Dropbox\n* Wework\n* Theranos\n* Spotify\n* Square\n\n\nExample:\n* Uber - Business Development Manager -> Post\n* Uber - Software Engineer -> Don’t post\n* Procter & Gamble - Business Development Manager -> Don’t post\n* Procter & Gamble - Software Engineer -> Don’t Post\n\n\nPOSTING:\nThe following fields should be identified and properly stored in the database for each post:1. Title 2. Company name3. Source name4. URL of original posting (in case of a duplicate use corporate website URL)5. Job content (job description, requirements, etc)6. Location7. Category (full-time, contract, internship)8. Type (remote, local)\n\nTAGGING:\nAll tags /  categories:\n* finance\n* legal\n* HR\n* sales\n* marketing\n* customer support\n* business development\n* operations\n* product management\n* strategy\n* data and analytics\n\n\nTagging algorithm:Tags such as “marketing & communications” should be applied to posts if any of the keywords are found in job _title_, not in _content_:\n* marketing & communications\n* “cmo"\n* “marketing"\n* “social media"\n* “brand"\n* “acquisition"\n* “retention"\n* “blogger"\n* “media manager"\n* “internal communications"\n\n\n* business development\n* “business development"\n* “partnership"\n\n\n* sales\n* “sales"\n\n\n* data and analytics\n* “business analyst"\n* “data analyst"\n\n\n* strategy\n* “corporate development"\n* “corporate strategy"\n* “business strategy"\n\n\n* customer support\n* “customer support"\n* “customer experience"\n* “customer success"\n\n\n* product management\n* “product manager"\n\n\n* operations\n* “COO"\n* “operations"\n\n\n* HR\n* “recruiter"\n* “talent"\n* “sourcer"\n\n\n* legal\n* “legal"\n* “paralegal"\n* “counsel"\n\n\n* finance\n* “finance"\n* “treasury"\n* “accounting"\n* “accountant"\n* “tax"\n* “FP&A"\n* “financial analyst"\n* “cfo"\n\n\n\n\nA note on duplicates. Duplicates should be handled adequately. For instance, if a certain Uber job posting is found both on Uber jobs ( AND on, the job should only be posted once to Meteor.\nA note on robustness. The code should properly handle changes in design, layout or structure on any of the sources. In other words, it should work properly when and if any of the websites above completely change their design. For example, if Airbnb chooses not to break down their jobs by departments but display all of them on one page. Or, otherwise, if Snapchat chooses to have a separate URL for each team. Even minor errors are not acceptable. All the fields should be properly identified.\nA note on scalability.The system should be easily scalable and should handle millions of job postings without any bugs or slowdown in performance.\nIf interested, please, respond with:* Total project cost and following breakdowns:* Project cost if only job boards are used for scraping (corporate job websites are not used)\n* Project cost without tagging\n* Project cost without checking for duplicates (but using both job boards and corporate websites)\n* And other variables that you think are relevant and influence the cost\n\n* Proposed payment terms\n* Proposed timelines and milestones\n* Any other additional information that is needed on our end\n* Examples of relevant previous projects\n\n VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write I AM REAL as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not start with this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does.\n\n\n\n\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Meteor, Finance and Scala jobs that are similar:\n\n $70,000 — $110,000/year\n

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💰 $60k - $110k*






PineBennett is hiring a
Remote Software Engineer

\n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Meteor, Scala and Developer jobs that are similar:\n\n $60,000 — $110,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nNyc

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💰 $60k - $109k*








GraphPaper is hiring a
Remote Software Engineer

\n \n\n#Salary and compensation\n No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Meteor, JavaScript and Architecture jobs that are similar:\n\n $60,000 — $109,000/year\n \n\n#Location\nSingapore

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