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Verified @eduardovilhalba

Hi, i'm Eduardo, i'm from brazil, actually in final laps of Software Engennering college, i work with development software since 2016 with j...

Seen 10 days ago

Verified @vitor

I've been working as a developer for more than 5 years now, started my career with PHP, HTML, and CSS, after learning more about Javascript...

Seen 22 days ago

💰 72K/y
Verified @caiorolla

Front End Developer with 5+ years of experience. Using Angular, NodeJS, Nrwl NX, NGRX, SCSS / CSS, HTML / HTML5 , Express, NestJS, Alpine.js...

Seen 1 month ago

💰 60K/y
Verified @pimenta

Full stack developer, ruby on rails and ionic for mobile apps. Aws beanstalk as infrastructure and high availability...

Seen 1 month ago

💰 90K/y
Verified @yurijean

I'm a Full Stack JavaScript engineer with 3+ years of experience using React and most recently I have dedicated myself solely to the use of...

Seen 9 months ago

💰 100K/y
Verified @ferres

Systems Developer with specialization in NodeJS and Angular. Adaptable profile, information absorption capacity and quick decision making un...

Seen 10 months ago

💰 30K/y
Verified @guilhermells

Hi, I am Guilherme! I am a Software Developer with primary experience in React and NodeJS. Also experienced with the development of SEO reli...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 24K/y
Verified @leojaques

I have been self-learning how to code for about a year. I haven't landed my first official job yet, but I'm eager to do so. At the moment, I...

Seen 1 year ago

Verified @iuriamauri

I'm a software developer with 8+ years of experience, mostly in back end development, with C# and .NET Core, but I also have experience with...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 130K/y
Verified @yvandasilva

Experienced Software Architect with a BSc in Computer Science specialized in Software Engineering from HEIG-VD (CH). Passionate about busine...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 70K/y

Tech Lead and Software Engineer with 12 years of experience with web development. Starting my nomad journey.

Seen 1 month ago

💰 60K/y

I'm a self-taught web developer, focused on developing web applications using the latest technologies, such as React.js, Next.js, Gatsby....

Seen 1 month ago

💰 57K/y

Solid experience of 15+ years creating and scaling high impact B2B and B2C meaningful digital products, such as Intranet, Messaging, CMS and...

Seen 6 months ago

💰 60K/y

Howdy, i'm Thiago!

Seen 11 months ago

💰 40K/y

I'm a self taught full stack developer coming from the chemistry field. I'm self driven and a fast learner who is enjoying every bit of thi...

Seen 11 months ago

💰 45K/y

Seen 1 year ago

💰 40K/y

I'm a fullstack developer JS based in France, looking for exciting mission to evolve as a professional and acquire experiences.

Seen 1 year ago

💰 60K/y

Passionate about digital products, agile culture and software development. Driven by new technologies and challenges, I've been crafting dig...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 50K/y

Hi there 👋 I'm a self taught, highly motivated, hands-on fullstack developer and an advocate for agile methodologies, transparency...

Seen 1 year ago

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