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💰 48K/y
Verified @ira_barvinska

The path to a successful business lies through a competent communication strategy, from which the rest of the planning should be repelled. A...

Seen 6 days ago

💰 140K/y
Verified @christosvis

Analytics, marketing and product expert. Marketing Science/Measurement at Meta/Facebook, Product Marketing at TikTok. Building and launching...

Seen 18 days ago

💰 60K/y
Verified @aaguiare

Digital marketer with 6+ years of experience in media account management, working with big accounts like Netflix, Burger King or Shiseido, a...

Seen 2 months ago

💰 100K/y
Verified @mahmoudmonem

Hey there 👋 This is Mahmoud, Mo for short and I'm an energetic Growth Marketer, I use paid search and paid social channels such as Google...

Seen 1 month ago

💰 25K/y

I am María José, a professional in Digital Marketing and Quality in Customer Service, I have a positive approach, an entrepreneurial spiri...

Seen 6 months ago

💰 39K/y
Verified @hardik

I am a ✅ Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional located in Mumbai, India. I specialize in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). I can s...

Seen 2 months ago

💰 40K/y

estrutura de marketing e conteúdo de valor

Seen 1 year ago

💰 75K/y
Verified @chrisblaser

Digital marketing specialist, web developer, content creator, business growth advisor....

Seen 5 months ago


For 7 years I have been working as a copywriter and content editor. I currently specialize in the tourism sector. Always looking for new cre...

Seen 1 year ago

Verified @okokstefan

Online Marketing Manager + Digital Business Consultant 🌍🚀 #REMOTE #GrowthHacking #Marketing #Freelancer 📊⚡️...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 35K/y

Seen 1 year ago

💰 60K/y
Verified @traffric

Digital Marketer focused in eCommerce. Founder of Trafiko eCommerce Agency. Started adboozter.com, wonpy.com & litescores.com. Former Compar...

Seen 1 year ago


For 5 years I have developed as a Community Manager, with extensive knowledge in Facebook and Instagram ads, in the Adobe package and in Pro...

🗓 Available from 17 January, 2022   

Joined 11 hours ago

💰 60K/y
Verified @mstroe

Hey, I'm Michael, Director of Paid Media, experienced in growing brands from 6 to >7 figures ARR. Focus on ecommerce paid media channels (Fa...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 8K/y
Verified @gusta

Focused on the growth of the company, with my knowledge in marketing manager, social media and facebook ads I can increase the number of cus...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 120K/y

I'm a digital marketer who is helping businesses grow online. In my free time I'm tesing mobile and web apps for usability, functional and l...

Seen 16 days ago


Seen 19 days ago

💰 40K/y

I am a calm person, very calm and able to resolve difficult situations. I study Systems Development for the Internet, at the São Paulo Stat...

Seen 1 month ago

💰 35K/y

Paid Media and Conversion Rate Specialist. I make brands sell more through intensive research and a data-focused approach.

Seen 2 months ago

💰 30K/y

A Facebook Blueprint & Google Certified Digital Marketer with over 2.5 years of experience. I have worked with 2 US based agencies and serve...

Seen 4 months ago

💰 60K/y

Actor, best selling author, marketer and entrepreneur. I love enjoying life and leaving a good impact along the way. Let's play this game ca...

Seen 4 months ago

💰 12K/y

Traffic Manager. Content Strategist. 6 years of experience in national ecommerce. I help people to position themselves correctly on the inte...

Seen 7 months ago

💰 50K/y

I'm 26 years old. I am a son of a military man and an artisan. I was born in Uruguaiana (RS), but I've lived in more than 10 Brazilian citie...

Seen 11 months ago

💰 35K/y

As a Marketing professional, I've developed my career and experience in the implementation of various commercial strategies for prestigious...

Seen 11 months ago

💰 48K/y

My core skills: - User acquisition (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn automations) - Product development (user research, unit-economics, ro...

Seen 11 months ago


I am a dedicated digital marketing professional with good experience in Digital Marketing across PPC, SEM, SMM, SEO & Email Marketing. I alr...

Seen 11 months ago

💰 35K/y

I'm Vinícius, specialist in Paid Traffic for Social Media Ads Facebook Ads and Google Ads - I work for local businesses or online companie...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 300K/y

Hello, I´m Caio, and I´m 15. I think this job is for me, because I really believe in entrepreneurship, and I´d like to help someone who t...

Seen 1 year ago


Seen 1 year ago

💰 90K/y

Aloha! I am Joako, an SEO & Performance marketing specialist. Together with my team we plan, build and grow websites from scratch....

Seen 1 year ago

💰 60K/y

Software Engineer at heart with more than 12 years experience in projects with a Mobile first approach. Product Enthusiast. Start-up...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 50K/y

Digital Marketing Freelancer | PPC & Social Ads | SEO & Content Marketing | Social Media Management

Seen 1 year ago


Seen 1 year ago


12y experience Marketer 🚀. I help businesses reach exponential growth & millions in revenue through unusual and performance-focused marke...

Seen 1 year ago


Media Strategy, Branding, Comms Planning and Performance

❌ Not available now

Seen 11 months ago

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