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Verified Verified Available now  Facebook Ads  Google Ads 🚥 Marketing  Digital Marketing 🔎 SEO ✍️ Wordpress ✍️ Social Media 🎨 UX 🛍 Ecommerce ✍️ Content Marketing  Mailchimp  Twitter Ads  Ppc  Google Analytics 👩‍🔬 Analytics  Sem  Social Media Marketing  Marketing Automation  Illustrator  Growth Hacking  Paid Media  Usability Testing  Search Engine Marketing  Marketing Digital  Growth Marketing  Conversion Rate Optimization 💧 Drupal 💼 Sales 🚀 Growth 🔥 Advertising  Paid Traffic  Media 💼 Product Management  Social Media Management ✍️ Copywriting 🎨 Photoshop  Google Adwords  Paid Advertising  Activecampaign 🎨 UI  Strategy  Ga4  Lead Generation  Fb Ads  Google Tag Manager 📗 Excel 🇬🇧 English 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇵🇹 Portugues 🇮🇳 Hindi 🇩🇪 German 👨 Men 👱‍♀️ Women ❌ Clear 38 results
💰 60K/y
Verified @aaguiare

Digital marketer with 6+ years of experience in media account management, working with big accounts like Netflix, Burger King or Shiseido, a...

Seen 26 days ago

💰 39K/y
Verified @hardik

I am a ✅ Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional located in Mumbai, India. I specialize in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). I can s...

Seen 29 days ago

💰 25K/y

I am María José, a professional in Digital Marketing and Quality in Customer Service, I have a positive approach, an entrepreneurial spiri...

Seen 4 months ago

💰 75K/y
Verified @chrisblaser

Digital marketing specialist, web developer, content creator, business growth advisor....

Seen 3 months ago

💰 40K/y

estrutura de marketing e conteúdo de valor

Seen 10 months ago

Verified @okokstefan

Online Marketing Manager + Digital Business Consultant 🌍🚀 #REMOTE #GrowthHacking #Marketing #Freelancer 📊⚡️...

Seen 1 year ago


For 7 years I have been working as a copywriter and content editor. I currently specialize in the tourism sector. Always looking for new cre...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 60K/y
Verified @traffric

Digital Marketer focused in eCommerce. Founder of Trafiko eCommerce Agency. Started adboozter.com, wonpy.com & litescores.com. Former Compar...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 35K/y

Seen 1 year ago

💰 60K/y
Verified @mstroe

Hey, I'm Michael, Director of Paid Media, experienced in growing brands from 6 to >7 figures ARR. Focus on ecommerce paid media channels (Fa...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 8K/y
Verified @gusta

Focused on the growth of the company, with my knowledge in marketing manager, social media and facebook ads I can increase the number of cus...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 100K/y
Verified @mahmoudmonem

Hey there 👋 This is Mahmoud, Mo for short and I'm an energetic Growth Marketer, I use paid search and paid social channels such as Google...

🗓 Available from 1 December, 2021   

Seen 8 days ago

💰 40K/y

I am a calm person, very calm and able to resolve difficult situations. I study Systems Development for the Internet, at the São Paulo Stat...

Seen 3 days ago

💰 35K/y

Paid Media and Conversion Rate Specialist. I make brands sell more through intensive research and a data-focused approach.

Seen 1 month ago

💰 30K/y

A Facebook Blueprint & Google Certified Digital Marketer with over 2.5 years of experience. I have worked with 2 US based agencies and serve...

Seen 2 months ago

💰 60K/y

Actor, best selling author, marketer and entrepreneur. I love enjoying life and leaving a good impact along the way. Let's play this game ca...

Seen 3 months ago

💰 120K/y

I'm a digital marketer who is helping businesses grow online. In my free time I'm tesing mobile and web apps for usability, functional and l...

Seen 5 months ago

💰 12K/y

Traffic Manager. Content Strategist. 6 years of experience in national ecommerce. I help people to position themselves correctly on the inte...

Seen 5 months ago

💰 50K/y

I'm 26 years old. I am a son of a military man and an artisan. I was born in Uruguaiana (RS), but I've lived in more than 10 Brazilian citie...

Seen 9 months ago

💰 35K/y

As a Marketing professional, I've developed my career and experience in the implementation of various commercial strategies for prestigious...

Seen 9 months ago

💰 48K/y

My core skills: - User acquisition (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn automations) - Product development (user research, unit-economics, ro...

Seen 10 months ago


I am a dedicated digital marketing professional with good experience in Digital Marketing across PPC, SEM, SMM, SEO & Email Marketing. I alr...

Seen 10 months ago

💰 35K/y

I'm Vinícius, specialist in Paid Traffic for Social Media Ads Facebook Ads and Google Ads - I work for local businesses or online companie...

Seen 10 months ago

💰 300K/y

Hello, I´m Caio, and I´m 15. I think this job is for me, because I really believe in entrepreneurship, and I´d like to help someone who t...

Seen 1 year ago


Seen 1 year ago

💰 90K/y

Aloha! I am Joako, an SEO & Performance marketing specialist. Together with my team we plan, build and grow websites from scratch....

Seen 1 year ago

💰 60K/y

Software Engineer at heart with more than 12 years experience in projects with a Mobile first approach. Product Enthusiast. Start-up...

Seen 1 year ago

💰 50K/y

Digital Marketing Freelancer | PPC & Social Ads | SEO & Content Marketing | Social Media Management

Seen 1 year ago


Seen 1 year ago


12y experience Marketer 🚀. I help businesses reach exponential growth & millions in revenue through unusual and performance-focused marke...

Seen 1 year ago


Media Strategy, Branding, Comms Planning and Performance

❌ Not available now

Seen 9 months ago

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