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Remote worker with 14+ years of experience - Last seen ago

I graduated as a chemical engineer from the universidad de Oriente. During my studies I was working on my own in the area of aesthetic health and before of that I was working in the management area in a cinema company in the country. I have worked with the public and I have extensive knowledge in personal management. My degree thesis dealt with preparation of a product that celiac and diabetic people can consume as well as people who do not have these pathologies, using the different unit operations and analysis at the laboratory level too guarantee a reliable product, of good quality, flavor and affordable. I was also in research at the laboratory level for the elaboration of various surfactants for use at an industrial and daily level. I am a great organizer and planner of my work, a very fast learner, and someone who collaborates seamlessly with anyone in a team. The reputation I have amongst friends and my co-workers is positive and they would describe me as trustworthy, loyal, hard working, and someone who takes ownership of challenges and problems.

Skilled in html ux ui customer service js brazil support marketing engineering engineer chemical public front end backend office365 management junior assistant spanish portuguese b1 latin america remote manager people sale freelance multinacional culture 
Fluent in spanishportugueseenglish
Preferred timezone -3, -4
Preferred annual pay (min) $30,000/year
Preferred hourly pay (min) $20/hour
Last seen 1 year ago
Signed up 1 year ago
Badges 👩‍💻 Remote worker

🎖 Early adopter


2018 - 2021: Laboratory research @ Universidad Politécnica territorial José Antonio Anzoátegui

2015 - 2022: Aesthetic health freelance @ Valkyria Natural Beauty

2011 - 2014: Inventory coordinator / HR coordinator @ Cines Unidos Regina


- 2021: Chemical engineer @ Universidad de Oriente

- 2021: Minha vida brasileira curso de português básico @ Universidade Católica de Pernambuco

- 2018: Modelaje de procesos mediante el uso del simulador Aspen HYSYS nivel avanzado @ FundaUDO

- 2018: Modelaje de procesos mediante el uso del simulador Aspen HYSYS nivel básico - intermedio @ FundaUDO

- 2018: Gestión de proyectos de ingeniería / Engineering project management @ Colegio de ingenieros de Venezuela